Assateague Island

We were able to spend a couple of days last week at the beach and I think we may have found our new happy place. Despite growing up not far from a beach, I've never considered myself a "beach person." But, guys, this trip may have changed my mind.

We had two crisp morning with practically zero crowds, a refreshing ocean breeze, and lots of wild ponies, and I found myself sitting on the wet sand as the tide repeatedly rose just enough to cover my legs, a little Weston digging in the sand next to me, thinking, "I could stay here forever." I think the success of this trip had a great deal to do with both boys being old enough to enjoy the beach (digging! building! splashing!) and being a little bit easier during the drive there. Anyways, we're officially a beach-loving family. I never would have thought ... 

Here are some of my favorite photos from our trip to the beach. I'm already missing the beach.