the kurtz family

Whenever I get the chance to meet a family and take photos of them, I always get a little nervous on the way to the shoot because I feel so honored to get to capture their unique relationship. Often, the way I approach photo shoots is to mix a lot of play between poses. The poses are there as transitions in some ways, and not necessarily the moments I capture or hold onto. It's moments like the one captured above, the ones where the family forgets for a second that I'm even there, that I love the most. It's these photographs that show the personality of each member of a family, and the love and fun they share together. And every session, I leave inspired that so many amazing, loving families live in this community, and that I get a chance to know them.

I only got to spend a short amount of time with the Kurtz family, but after our mini-shoot together, I felt like I wanted to be their best friends. Alyssa is such a sweet and caring mother, something I could feel right away, and I was so honored to get to capture this beautiful family for Alyssa's Mother's Day shoot. 

I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from this fun shoot!