the root family

Whenever I'm cooking or baking in the kitchen, my boys almost always run in, asking to help. Spending time in the kitchen is something we do together often, and despite the inevitable mess, I love getting to share something I enjoy with them. So when Laura contacted me about scheduling a family session and said she wanted to do part of our shoot in her kitchen baking cookies with her daughter, I was thrilled! It's these everyday moments with my boys, baking muffins and making a mess, that I want to hold onto, so I love getting to capture those special activities for another family. 

The Root family decided to spend part of our session in their home—baking, reading, playing—and the other half at a local park. While at the session, I kept thinking that I had walked into a regular afternoon with this family. I always encourage families to think about an activity or place that is meaningful to them prior to our session, so we can plan our time together around something that is unique to them. By doing so, I've found that the photos not only look like them, but feel like them. And, to me, it's all about the feeling and the relationships that define the family. The portraits with everyone smiling and looking at the camera are obviously nice to have (and I always plan to get at least one), but I love the moments between that capture how everyone loves and plays and interacts with each other. I believe it's those photos that say the most. 

This is by far one of my favorite sessions to date, and I feel honored to have gotten a chance to spend the afternoon with such a wonderful family. Thank you, Laura and Tim, for allowing me into your home. I hope you enjoy some of my favorites.